Using Self-Test API to validate VM images for publishing in Azure Marketplace

In this brief video, we look at how to use Self-Test API to validate VM images for publishing in Azure Marketplace.

Azure virtual machine image validation” document describes two approaches for running the validation or so-called “certification” tests:

  • Windows-only GUI certification tool that can be used to validate both Linux and Windows VM images
  • Self-Test REST API that can be invoked from either Linux or Windows without using the GUI tool

This walkthrough demonstrates both options, but focuses more on the Self-Test API approach (while, as of September 2020, the official doc for Self-Test API is undergoing updates).

Video Walkthrough

Tip: Play the video full screen.

If you want to learn more about how to certify your Virtual Machine and Azure Application offers, you may want to take a look at the video recording of the Developing for Commercial Marketplace Office Hours from September 3, 2020.

Azure Active Directory Token

AAD Token Request

AAD Token Response

Self-Test API

Self-Test VM Request — using SSH Password

Self-Test VM Request — using SSH Key

Self-Test VM Response

JSON-formatted Self-Test VM Response

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