Using Partner Center Ingestion API for managing Azure Application offers in Azure Marketplace

In this video, we look at how to use Microsoft Partner Center Ingestion API for managing “Azure Application” offers in Azure Marketplace.

Document called “Partner Center submission API to onboard Azure apps in Partner Center” provides some high-level information on how to create a Service Principal, add it to the Partner Center account, and use it to obtain access_token from Azure Active Directory. The document also points to the Swagger defining the API methods, but it does not provide specific examples for the sequences for the API calls required to manage Azure Application offers.

In this video walkthrough, we go a bit deeper and look at how to use Postman to invoke the multiple REST methods of the Partner Center Ingestion REST API and how these calls “map” to the Partner Center Commercial Marketplace UI experience.

You can download my Postman collection here.

This video is specifically about the “Azure Application” offer type. If you are looking at how to manage “Virtual Machine” offers, please see “Using CPP API for managing Virtual Machine offers in Azure Marketplace”.

Video Walkthrough

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Approximate Mapping of Partner Center UI to the Ingestion APIs

So, should we use Partner Center API or Cloud Partner Portal CPP API?

Answer: It depends on the “offer type”

  • Azure Application Offers: (described in this article)
  • VM Offers (and a few other types): (described in the related article)

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