Arsen Vladimirskiy

Sep 16, 2020

1 min read

Refreshing Azure Managed Application Permissions and using Managed App’s Identity

In this video, we look at how to refresh Azure Managed Application permissions (e.g. Owner, Contributor, or Customer Allowed Actions) and how, as a publisher, to obtain access token using the Managed Application’s Managed Identity.

If you are new to Azure Managed Applications, you may first want to watch the two videos in “Simple Azure Managed Application: creating, testing, and publishing in Partner Center”.

Reminder: When building your Azure Application ARM templates for submission to Azure Marketplace, please make sure to carefully follow all of the guidelines and best practices described here and be ready to make fixes and changes based on manual review feedback.

You can see the sample commands used in this video here.

Video Walkthrough

Tip: Play the video full screen.

If you want to dive deeper into an experimental scenario, see Azure Managed Application with AKS and deployment-time or cross-tenant role assignments to VM and Pod Managed Identities

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