Azure and Azure Marketplace — ISVs and Startups — My Collection of Useful Links and Resources

Arsen Vladimirskiy
4 min readOct 8, 2020

This is my initial collection of useful resources for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and Startups building on Azure and Azure Marketplace.

If you are a developer, engineer, architect, or product manager working for an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) or a Startup and are tasked with creating or migrating your solution to Azure platform or publishing it as an “offer” in Azure Marketplace, you may find the following links and resources useful in your journey.

Azure Architecture

My Articles and Videos

Best Practices


Azure Marketplace Client Libraries (SDK)

Azure Marketplace Samples

Azure Marketplace — Developer Focused Office Hours Recordings

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Azure Marketplace — Business Focused Office Hours

Online Community Forums


Docs and Learning Paths



Arsen Vladimirskiy

Principal Engineer / Architect, FastTrack for Azure at Microsoft